Carpet cleaning Rotovac wa 360 and carpet



Hi, this is Deb with Surface With A Smile.What I'm going to demonstrate to you todayis: the difference between the power wandand our Rotovac 360. The power wand is typicallyused on medium to light-soiled carpet. Andour 360 is used on medium to high-soiled carpet.Let me demonstrate for you. Now I put someliquid down, now I'm going back over it witha dry pass, sucking up the liquid. Ok. Nowwe're going to go over it with the Rotovac360. You'll notice with the 360, we're goingto have 1700 revolutions per minute and we'regoing to be spraying 200 degree water, justlike we were over there. You can see the carpet,it's being agitated. What a difference itis. The worse the carpet, the slower we go.We want to make sure we get it all extractedout of there, all that dirt. What a difference.Look at that. You just don't get enough agitationwith the power wand to get this heavy soil.So here's the difference: we have the 360,we have the wand on heavily-soiled carpet.Which would you rather have clean your carpet?Thank you for watching, we hope you give usa call so we can take care of your dirty carpet.

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